Workshop Packages

  • Standard Service


    Full Safety inspection plus;

    - Brakes & Gears adjusted

    - Wheels & Tyres checked

    - Professional Gear Alignment

    - Checking the chain for wear

    - Check the cranks, pedals & headset

    - Torque settings checked

    - Additional charge of £15.00 will be added if the bike needs cleaning prior to Servicing.

  • Premium Service


    Full strip of the bike down to the frame. Frame inspected for damage. Along with the following;

    - All components cleaned and degreased

    - Brakes checked. Pads replaced if required.

    - Gears adjusted, Derailleur hanger checked and straightened if necessary.

    - Di2 Diagnostic & Software Updated

    - Wheels inspected and trued if needed

    - Tyres checked for wear and pressure checked (Tubeless Sealant refreshed at an additional cost)

    - Headset bearings checked and greased.

    - All bolts torqued to correct manufacture specification.

    - Full detail clean of the components and polish the Frame.

    - Fresh Bar Tape will be fitted if needed. Additional cost of the Bar Tape.

Please use our contact page to discuss any other Workshop repair enquries and upgrades. We also offer a collection/delivery service that is available upon request.

See below addtional treatments we offer...


Road Frameset Ceramic Coating - from £75 + Kit

Bike Ceramic has been formulated to minimise adhesion of foreign objects such as brake dust, road grime and mud. It offers up to 24 months of protection and can be applied to all types of finishes including paint protection films and vinyl.

Bike Ceramic forms a durable, ultra-slick chemically bonding layer of optically clear ceramic. This ceramic protection prevents dirt and grime from bonding to the surface, making cleaning a breeze.

The coating has been scientifically formulated to chemically bond to the surface of the bike frame. This chemical bond makes the Bike Ceramic the active surface of your frame, shielding it from dirt, mud and road grime.

The ceramic coating forms a dense layer that is resistant from pH2 -pH12. This means that mud, grime and dirt are far easier to remove, making ongoing maintenance quick and easy.

Contact us to find out more or to get booked in.

Silca Hot Wax Chain Treatment

An additional service we offer at Ride 24/7 is Silca's Secret Hot Wax.

Waxing Treament from - £50.00

Ceramic Speed Upgrades

We stock various Ceramic Speed components that are available to purchase during a Service.

If you are looking for a Ceramic Speed Bottom Bracket upgrade, OSPW, UFO Chain or an SLT Headset please get in touch. We also use a range of Ceramic Speed UFO products in the workshop that can be applied upon request during a service - such as the UFO Drip Chain Wax.