Wilier 0SLR Frameset - Unico | Koralie Limited Edition


Koralie X Wilier

Koralie and the Wilier 0 SLR: the new Unico project by Wilier Triestina

Unico is a precious moment. 
#11 Limited Edition. Only one in the Uk.

One that blends an original artistic inspiration with an exceptional sports drive to create veritable works of art. Once again, the canvas is one of the best frames by Wilier Triestina, the Wilier 0 SLR.

The project was entrusted to French artist Koralie.

Koralie was born in Provence, just a stone’s throw away from the enchanting medieval town of Aigues Mortes, and studied in the exciting university town of Montpellier, a cultural melting pot where young people are encouraged to express themselves through art. Read the full article here.

Wilier 0 SLR is the first ultra-lightweight racing bike with disc brakes and fully integrated cables.

Wilier 0 SLR encapsulates the most complex concepts of lightness and total integration in simple aesthetics. These are the features the most demanding cyclists seek in the most technologically advanced racing bikes: ultra lightweightedness, high-speed stability and control, braking performance, electronic transmission, high aerodynamics and full cable integration.

All condensed in Wilier’s unmistakable style.

A distinctive feature of the Wilier 0 SLR is its lightweight frame: weighing in at under 800 grams in the medium matte black version, Wilier 0 SLR is the most distinguished member of Wilier Triestina’s range of super lightweight frames. In fact, in its most advanced configuration, the entire bike tips the scales at a mere 6.5 kg.

 Handlebar/Stem Size: 100x42

Frame Size: 54cm (M)

 More photos/video available upon request. 

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Size: M
Color: Unico Koralie

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