Vittoria Ultra Light Speed TPU Inner Tube


Product Description

Vittoria’s Ultra Light Speed inner tubes are made with thermoplastic polyurethane. Besides being completely recyclable, this material offers excellent technical characteristics; it is steady from -47°C up to +100°C. It can be consistently extruded in very thin thicknesses. It has a good elasticity and it is completely airtight, which allows keeping constant air pressure inside for long time. It is resistant to punctures and in case of puncture, the flow of air is slower compared to butyl and latex, which translates to increased safety.

In order to reach the incredible 30g lightness and a higher puncture resistance than butyl tubes, Ultra Light Speed are made with the multi-layer co-extrusion technology and are 0,35mm thick. They are extremely thin if compared to butyl inner tubes, which usually are 1mm thick. The welding is performed with high frequency technology.

When compared to standard butyl tubes, the compact dimensions make Ultra Light Speed easy to carry along. It fits perfectly in your pocket or in your saddle bag.

Despite the incredible technical characteristics of the material and the production technologies used, high temperature is the sworn enemy of thermoplastic polyurethane. In very rare circumstances, rim brakes can overheat the rim to extremely high temperatures. For this reason, to guarantee total safety for the rider, we recommend using these inner tubes exclusively with bicycles equipped with disc brakes.

Ultra Light Speed inner tube is available in 700x25/30c with 60mm valve and removable Presta core. Thanks to this valve, full compatibility with any rim up to 50mm is guaranteed. By removing the Presta core and using valve extensions, the inner tubes can be used with even higher rim profiles.


  • Size: 700c
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Valve: lends
  • Valve mechanism: Standard
  • Weight: 30g