R247 Coffee Beans - Suspension Espresso


R247 X Clifton Coffee Whole Beans.

Suspension Espresso Blend - Roasted by Clifton Coffee
Tasting notes:
Peanut Butter / Bakers Chocolate  / Maple
Pulped Natural
905-1160 MASL


Named after Bristol’s iconic bridge, Suspension aims to deliver a well-balanced, easy-drinking espresso that’s full of depth and flavour.

Our Suspension Espresso originates from Fazenda Pinhal and is grown by Pedro, João, and Milau Gabarra. We are delighted to continue our relationship with them for another season by bringing you their outstanding coffee.

Their commitment to local wildlife is evident through The Wings Project, an incredible initiative that contributes to the rehabilitation of over 750 birds, aiming to swiftly and safely release them back into their natural habitat. This project, coupled with Pinhal’s excellent operational practices, has earned them the distinction of being recognised as Brazil’s most sustainable coffee farm in 2019. During the same year, they also installed solar panels that provide 100% of their energy. More than 40% of their 914-hectare farm is dedicated to Eucalyptus trees, rivers, and fruit plants, fostering a thriving ecosystem and biodiversity throughout the farm and surrounding areas.

This blend is currently being served in store at Ride 24/7.