Pirelli P Zero™ Smart Tube Evo




SmarTUBE Evo: Maximum speed, low rolling resistance, reduced weight and compact, for any kind of road riding or racing use.  

The Pirelli SmarTUBE inner tube family is made of thermoplastic polyurethane TPU) that is a characterised by high elasticity and mechanical resistance, and extreme lightness. Pirelli SmarTUBE Evo TPU inner tubes are designed for use with the Pirelli P Zero tyre families: With an exceptionally low rolling resistance the SmarTUBE Evo offers increased acceleration, quicker climbing, and improved handling. It is particularly well suited for road racing and fast road cycling where their enhanced speed characteristics are highly valued.

The SmarTUBE Evo tubes, in line with Pirelli’s TPU inner tube family, are extremely compact: -50% space taken up in a jersey’s pockets or in the backpack, and up to 70% lighter compared to the traditional butyl inner tubes, these TPU inner tubes make for an excellent space saving back up to carry on longer rides.  

SmarTUBE Evo tubes comes in a range of Presta valves in different lengths to suit most rim profiles. Intended for fast road riding and racing p in combination with the Pirelli P Zero Tyres.

SmarTUBE Evo;- Presta valve: non removeable valve core in 42/60/80mm lengths to work with the majority of rim depths, black colour for a clean and understated look;- Weight: 700x25/28c 42mm PV - 35g, 700x25/28c 60mm PV - 38g, 700x25/28c 80mm PV - 40g;- Intended solely for Disc Brake equipped bikes DO NOT USE if bike is equipped with RIM Brakes.

700x 28/35c (70g) Cinturato 60mm Valve

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