Pirelli P Zero™ Race TLR Retro



P ZERO™Race TLR: designed for Performance, Speed and Grip. The SpeedCORE™ carcass is a thin airtight layer of rubber compound with aramid particles that covers the internal part of the tyre. This construction allows greater flexibility of the rubber compound, creating a faster and more supple tyre with reduced rolling resistance, whilst the use of aramid allows for better puncture resistance. A 120tpi nylon fabric with an additional anti-puncture aramid breaker completes the carcass. The tread pattern uses the most advanced Pirelli SmartEVO™ compound for the highest level of performance. All these special features of the P ZERO™ Race TLR are skilfully crafted in Italy providing unique quality and superior performance. P ZERO™ Race TLR is designed for Performance applications during Spring Summer and Autumn seasons.

SmartEVO Compound:

Still our best chemical formulation for all-round road use, whether racing or high intensity and long distance leisure riding. The advanced mixture of polymers with 'smart' behaviours are the key elements of the SmartEVO compound, providing grip in any weather condition and very low rolling resistance in a package made to sustain high mileage and rougher road surfaces. A high-performance chemical formulation developed for modern road cycling, from everyday riding to racing, even at World Tour level.


SpeedCORE™ is an innovative tubeless-ready construction developed by Pirelli (Patent Pending) for our high-performance cycling tyres, representing our most advanced TLR technology to date. Derived from Pirelli automotive know-how and made possible by our newest production plant in Italy, near our Head Quarters in Milan, SpeedCORE™ construction consists of a thin air-tight layer of rubber compound infused with aramid particles. This layer covers the internal part of the tyre and thanks to the presence of the aramid into the rubber blend, it allows for better mechanical resistance, improved air retention and overall greater flexibility: all contributing to the tyre's overall performance.

Tech Highlights:

  • Made in Italy
  • Weight: 28c, 30c / 295g, 320, g
  • SmartEVO Compound
  • 120tpi casing

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