Enve SES Road Tyre


The ENVE SES Road Tyre is a tubeless-ready tyre built to ENVE’s “real-world fast” philosophy. The tyre provides best-in-class aerodynamics while balancing hard-wearing reliability, low-rolling resistance, puncture protection, user friendly tubeless, and a lightweight design.

Key Features

  • Tubeless-ready tyre that can also be used with tubes
  • Built to ENVE’s “real-world fast” philosophy, offering best-in-class aerodynamics while balancing hard-wearing reliability, low rolling-resistance, puncture resistance, user-friendly tubeless, and a lightweight design
  •  Zylon™ synthetic polymer bead material for its high strength, thermal stability, and low stretch
  • Vectran™ is employed in the tyre’s casing to protect against punctures and pinch flats
  • SPC Silica tread compound provides a balanced blend of synthetic and natural rubbers with Activated Silica filler for excellent wet weather performance and low rolling resistance
  • Aerodynamic tyre shape when inflated striking the perfect balance between handling, stability, rolling efficiency and aerodynamics
  • Weight: 25c – 255g / 27c – 265g / 29c – 275g / 31c – 285g


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    Color: Black/Tan