Elite Leggero Carbon Bottle Cage



Leggero Carbon

Pure lightness defines the Leggero Carbon, Elite's most-popular addition to the range of ultra-light bottle cages designed for both leisure rides and competitive cycling.

Constructed with carbon fiber reinforcement, this bottle cage prioritizes remarkable strength while achieving an incredibly light weight, tipping the scales at a mere 17 grams.

It comes as no surprise that it stands out as one of the most preferred bottle cages among WorldTour teams.


The highest performance level

The extreme lightness of the Leggero Carbon cage does not compromise its strength and durability. The patented design has been crafted to minimize non-essential elements in the structure while reinforcing areas subjected to loads and stresses during use.

Carbon fiber ensures maximum strength and long-term durability without compromising weight, making this bottle cage one of the most high-performance accessories on the market.


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Colour: Black