R247 Coffee Beans - Chocolate Orange/Macadamia/Golden Raisins


R247 X Clifton Coffee Whole Beans 1kg.




800 - 1200 MASL



Tasting notes:


Fazenda Picada is located in the Nova Resende region of Sul de Minas. It is owned and operated by the Madeira family, who have a deeply personal connection to the coffee industry. Marcelo Miguel, the owner of Fazenda Picada, was introduced to coffee culture by his father, José Alves Madeira, who is also a coffee producer. Marcelo grew up watching his father work on the farm and has since dedicated his own career to coffee production.

Fazenda Picada covers an area of 33 hectares. Marcelo works closely with his father and brother, Ronaldo, on the farm, participating in all aspects of coffee production from soil nutrition to the harvest period. The farm has a post-harvest processing facility that includes concrete patios, rotary dryers, and a machine to remove the husks from the coffee beans. The concrete patios are used for the natural process coffees, while the rotary dryers are used to finalise the drying of some lots.

The Nova Resende region is known for its favourable climate and soil conditions for growing coffee, with an average temperature of 22°C and annual rainfall of around 1,500 mm. The altitude of the region, ranging from 800 to 1,200 meters above sea level, also contributes to the production of high-quality coffee.


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